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White boho dress

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Romantic for many occasions: a white boho dress

You instantly have a dreamy wedding in Ibiza in mind when you think of a white boho dress. But of course it can also be worn to many other occasions like a summery rooftop party or even a barbecue in the garden. With playful boho jewelry and nice shoes you are perfectly styled.

In which lengths is the white boho dress available?

Have you already discovered the large selection of boho dresses at Boho-style.info? Then you’ve probably noticed that there are different lengths from short to long. Short boho dresses in white are especially suitable for everyday wear. Wear for example comfortable espadrilles and sandals with the dress and combine it with a casual fringed bag. For the evening, a boho dress in white and long is particularly suitable. An eye-catching bag, some golden jewellery and heeled sandals round off your party look perfectly.

How do I style the hippie dress in white in everyday life?

Dresses in white and boho style are versatile to combine. The most beautiful is of course the playful and romantic look. Stylish espadrilles and an embroidered bag from Boho-style.info, for example, are the perfect choice in summer. But also leather sandals and a bag with fringes work well in combination with a white boho dress. The important thing is to let your dress take centre stage and only use the accessories as beautiful accents. Avoid bright colours and choose natural tones and materials such as wood and leather. Then your white hippie dress by Boho-style.info will look especially beautiful and valuable.

The hippie dress in white is also a good choice for the beach. In a raffia bag you stow all the utensils for the beach, such as towel and sunscreen. Of course, the matching bikini should not be missing. Colourful swimwear with floral patterns goes particularly well with the hippie dress.

Which accessories go with the white boho evening dress?

You want to combine a white hippie dress a little more elegant? Then let yourself be inspired by the sunny island. Who wears a dress in white on Ibiza, not rarely marries on the beach. The dress is clearly in the foreground. A playful hairstyle such as curls, delicate boho jewellery and elegant sandals are the ideal choice. Not sure what colour the jewellery should be? If you opt for a bright white boho dress, it’s best to wear jewellery in silver with it. Boho evening dresses in eggshell, cream, champagne or off-white, on the other hand, look best with gold jewellery. Let yourself be enchanted by Boho-style.info’s exquisite selection of boho jewellery and find the perfect piece to match your white boho evening dress.

White Boho Wedding Dress

On Ibiza a dress in white immediately reminds of a romantic wedding on the beach. No wonder: Long, white boho dresses made of flowing fabrics by Boho-style.info just look wonderfully romantic and embody a certain lightness, which also brings a beach wedding. High shoes are rather impractical here because of the floor. Elegant sandals with fine straps and jewelry details are the first choice. In addition, of course, a noble Boho jewelry set in gold or silver may not be missing. Who wants to wear a tiara in the hair or chooses a color-matching veil.

How do I care for a white hippie dress?

No question: The color white is prone to stains. So that you can enjoy your white boho dress by Boho-style.info for a long time, the right care is important. Wash your dress best by hand or in the gentle cycle of your washing machine and pay attention to the appropriate detergent. There are extra detergents for white textiles. Of course, it’s also important to follow the washing instructions on the garment itself. If your boho dress is made of silk, be especially careful when washing it. Many modern washing machines and even dryers now offer extra programs for silk.

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