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Summer boho sandals

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Colorfully decorated with pom-poms or small stones, boho sandals are an absolute eye-catcher on the foot. The beauty is that they go well with both dresses and pants. So you can wear them almost every day in the summer. Still looking for the perfect shoes? Find the most beautiful boho sandals for unforgettable summer moments at Boho-Style.info.

What are typical features of boho sandals?

Most boho sandals are made of leather and are therefore a classic shade of brown. Flat soles and a comfortable footbed make the shoes an absolute everyday favorite. Who wants to cheat visually a few centimeters to it, chooses, for example, boho sandals with a platform heel made of raffia.

A special attention is paid to the straps. The classic double-row straps are rather less in vogue for boho-style sandals. Here, the motto is rather: the more striking, the better. For example, boho sandals with looped straps around the ankle and a small strap around the big toe are very popular. Toe separators with a wide strap in the middle are also very popular. However, many boho influencers are in love with so-called lace-up sandals. These are sandals with thin straps that are laced around the ankle all the way up to the lower leg.

But probably the most beautiful feature of sandals in the boho look is the magnificent decoration of the straps. Here it can not be colorful enough. Small and large gemstones, feathers, pom-poms or fringes of fabric decorate sandals in boho style. To lightly tanned legs in the summer an absolute feast for the eyes.

The most beautiful boho sandals for everyday

Whether to the beach or to the city, boho style sandals will refine any everyday outfit. In addition, they are so comfortable and beautiful that we virtually never want to take them off again. You can find your new favorite sandals in the online store of Boho-Style.info. If you browse through the selection, you will quickly realize that it is not so easy to decide. Finally it is called straight with shoes: Who has the choice, has the agony. In the following you get a few tips on how to find the perfect boho sandal for your everyday look.
Filigree toe separators to boho dresses and skirts

Do you like to wear romantic dresses or skirts in everyday life and are still looking for the perfect summer shoe? Filigree toe separators with playful details perfectly pick up the feminine touch of your outfit and are super cozy to boot. Very popular are the classic thong sandals with a bar in the middle. This is usually beautifully decorated with stones and beads. For everyday wear, rather small decorative elements are suitable, so that it does not look too cluttered.

A good choice are also boho sandals with straps that are wrapped around the foot. A distinctive detail is a strap around the big toe. Usually the straps are colorfully decorated with feathers and gemstones or with fabric panels in ethnic style. These shoes are also often called Ibiza sandals, as they are totally in vogue on the island.

Perfect with boho pants: casual hippie sandals

Who likes to wear pump or harem pants in everyday life, it is best to choose rather casual sandals at Boho-Style.info. Models with wide soles made of raffia, for example, are very popular. But also cozy slippers with large fabric bows are worn by the well-known influencers just often.

Are you still looking for comfortable sandals for everyday wear? Then browse through the selection of Boho-Style.info now and have your favorites easily delivered to your home. So you can try them on with different looks and decide in peace.

Hingling on the foot: boho sandals for special occasions

You’re planning a romantic beach wedding? Then, of course, bridal sandals in boho look can not be missing. The most beautiful choice are white sandals with romantic details like beads, feathers or gemstones. Of course, it is important that your boho sandals for the wedding are filigree. Especially if your wedding dress is already an absolute eye-catcher. Therefore, pay attention to rather narrow straps and smaller decorative elements. Otherwise, the shoes look quickly too cluttered in combination with your dress.

Have you decided rather for a simple wedding dress? Then you may give more gas with the bridal sandals. Lace-up sandals made of lace or boho sandals with looped straps decorated with white feathers and pearls look very modern.

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