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Summer boho basket bags

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A beautiful boho basket bag should not be missing in any summer vacation. Whether to the beach or to the city for shopping, the large basket bags offer plenty of storage space and look simply stylish. They go perfectly not only with summer hippie dresses but of course also with boho blouses, denim shorts, and crochet tops. Is fancy a little summer feeling in your closet? Then find the perfect basket bag now at Boho-Style.info and get important styling tips.

Summer, sun, basket bag: why basket bags are so popular

Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. After all, thanks to the bright sun, lots of endorphins are released and on top of that, there are many beautiful boho outfits that make us look good every day. An absolute essential is the wicker bag, which has not lost its popularity for years. Summer after summer, designers create even more beautiful models and almost outdo themselves.

Why the bag enjoys such popularity? The so-called basket bags simply give every outfit some Ibiza flair and can be worn with many looks due to their simple color. Not without reason, one speaks also of an Ibiza basket bag or even quite briefly of an Ibiza basket. If you can’t jet off to the island, simply bring the summer feeling of the island home. Browse through the selection of boho basket bags at Boho-Style.info now and have your new favorite model for the summer conveniently delivered to your home.

What material are boho style basket bags made of?

Admit: cuddly-soft material is not, But it does not have to be for a handbag. Boho basket bags get their familiar look from natural materials like straw and raffia but sea grass, tumbleweed, savannah grass and water hyacinth are also commonly used. The most popular bags keep the natural material color, but there are also models with printed elements. Many wicker bags in the boho look are beautifully decorated at the top of the opening, for example, long fabric fringe, which can look very elegant.

What are the boho basket bags?

Large shopper or would you prefer a cute clutch? Who is looking for a basket bag in Ibiza look has the agony of choice. Browse best times in peace through the bag assortment at Boho-Style.info. Here you can choose your favorites at your leisure and order home.

Basket Bags for Everyday Life

If you’re looking for a bag for everyday use, the classic boho basket bags are certainly a good choice. These are shoulder bags with a wide, comfortable strap. They offer enough space for shopping at the weekly market, for example, and can be held comfortably in the hand. These models can also be found under the name Ibiza basket and hippie basket, respectively.

Large shoppers with a short handle are perfect for shopping in the city or a trip to the beach, because you have enough storage space for all your stuff. You can wear them casually in the hand.
Who wants to wear the basket bag to important appointments or even in the office, it is best to choose a box bag or shoulder bag. Here fit the most important utensils such as calendar, pen and smartphone purely.

Boho basket bags for special occasions

For summer party styles, there are of course raffia or straw clutches. They are a great style break to the elegant boho dress and fit almost every festive occasion. Mostly wicker bags for the evening are elaborately decorated with sequins and noble fringes. This makes them an absolute eye-catcher on the wrist. A beautiful outfit idea is, for example, a white boho dress from Boho-Style.info, plus an unusual hippie basket and some boho jewelry in gold.

Find your new favorite basket bag at Boho-Style.info

Whether for the party or simply for everyday life, at Boho-Style.info you will find a beautiful selection of large and smaller basket bags. Conveniently select your favorites and choose the best right away the matching boho jewelry to it. Gold-colored jewelry harmonizes especially beautifully with the natural colors of the basket bags.

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