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Romantic boho tunics

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In summer, there is nothing more beautiful than a light and airy boho tunic. With its loose cut, it flatters your figure and doesn’t make you sweat easily. At Boho-Style.info you can find many beautiful tunics in boho style. How to combine them best and what to look for when buying, you will learn below.

What are the typical features of a boho tunic?

It comes in all colors: the tunic in boho style. Whether colorful-patterned or quite discreet in natural tones, the selection really leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to the wide variety of colors and patterns, the A-line cut is characteristic of a hippie tunic. Rather tight-fitting at the top, the typical tunic in boho style becomes wider towards the bottom. The sleeves are usually three-quarter length and also airy cut.

A particularly beautiful detail is the neckline. A hippie tunic just makes a beautiful neckline. By the way, most boho influencers wear their favorite bikini under an Ibiza-style beach tunic. The V-shaped neckline makes the bikini peek out slightly. This gives the tunic an exciting detail.

Also characteristic of a boho tunic is the length. As a rule, it reaches just above the hip. So you can perfectly conceal slightly firmer thighs or even a small belly. An absolute figure flatterer! Pick out your tunic in a hippie look now at Boho-Style.info and make your feel-good styling complete with beautiful leggings.

Ibiza style: tunic in colorful patterns

Whoever follows the famous boho influencers on Instagram or has been to the hip sunny island themselves, knows that a beach tunic is an absolute must-have in Ibiza. You can actually wear it all day long and make it look both casual and chic by combining it in different ways. For the beach, trendsetters combine stylish lace-up sandals and a pair of skimpy hot pants.

Add a beach bag with a boho look. For the evening, you simply swap the big bag for a clutch with beads and combine some boho jewelry with it. A tiara in the hair or even a bikini in gold or silver tones provide the pure glamour effect.
Totally announced on Ibiza are of course exciting patterns. It can not be colorful enough. Make sure that you leave the rest of the styling rather plain. This way, the tunic remains the center of attention. Elements of denim such as a hippie jean jacket, for example, are always a good companion.

Playful hippie tunic for romantics

At Boho-Style.info you can find colorful patterned tunics in Ibiza style as well as very playful models. Perfect if you love the romantic boho look. Many of these tunics are equipped with small elements such as tassels and thus look very feminine and romantic. Many boho girls also love the hippie tunic with floral pattern. It suits many women and can be wonderfully combined with jeans pants but also with airy boho pants or leggings. Round off your outfit with lace-up sandals or espadrilles in shades of pink and red. Ready is a romantic hippie look.

Decent boho tunic for everyday and office

Trendsetters wear their tunic not only on the beach, but also combine them cleverly in everyday life. With jeans or leggings and a big boho bag, they accompany you through the day and are easy to wear, especially on hot summer days. At Boho-Style.info you can find not only the matching tunic for beautiful everyday look, but also matching boho jewelry. A chain or a bracelet set a beautiful accent and make the tunic look elegant.

Do you want to bring the summer into the office as well? Then combine your favorite tunic with a classic skirt or tight pencil pants and it becomes office-appropriate. Of course, it is important that you choose a model at Boho-Style.info that is kept a little more discreet in terms of colors and patterns. An elegant bag and a filigree chain round off your office outfit perfectly.

Lust for romantic boho styles with a tunic? Then browse through the assortment of Boho-Style.info now and fall in love with your new tunic in hippie look.

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