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Romantic boho skirts

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Romantic and playful – that’s how you could describe the classic boho skirt in a few words. In combination with a beautiful boho top, skirts are the perfect alternative to dresses. They also make you feel comfortable and can be perfectly styled for different occasions. Find out which different boho skirts are available and choose your favorite skirt now at Boho-Style.info.

Style guide: What makes the typical boho skirt

The boho style thrives on skirts and dress. Both garments are incredibly feminine and conjure up a beautiful figure to boot. Just like most boho dresses, boho-style skirts exude a certain nonchalance or, in other words, a certain lightness. The fabrics are airy-light and very comfortable to wear. As a rule, the typical cut is narrow at the hips and wider towards the bottom. For this reason, a boho-style skirt looks incredibly feminine. The focus is on the hips, somewhat firmer thighs, for example, are cleverly concealed.

Many skirts are colorfully printed or provided with decorative elements such as box pleats or ruffles. An absolute highlight is of course the classic boho skirt in white. In Ibiza, for example, you wear it on the beach in combination with a shimmering bikini and sandals.

What are the lengths of the boho-style skirt?

At Boho-Style.info there are beautiful boho skirts in different lengths. The absolute classic is the long hippie skirt. It can be styled both romantically in everyday life and elegantly in the evening and suits many figure types. Only very small women better choose a short boho skirt, otherwise, the length would compress the figure too much. Combine the maxi skirt for example with sandals, a basket bag, and some boho jewelry from Boho-Style.info. Or how about a chic boho clutch and high shoes to the maxi skirt in a boho look?

Who loves midi skirts, has reason to rejoice. In addition to the popular maxi skirts, the boho style also has beautiful skirts in midi length to offer. Fall in love with playful models with beautiful floral patterns or sophisticated slits on the side. The typical boho skirt in midi length falls light and airy and often surprises with several panels provided with ruffles. An absolute eye-catcher is also skirts with a batik pattern on the hem.

Do you like to show your legs in the summer? Then browse through the selection of short boho skirts at Boho-Style.info. Again, the typical features are the light and airy fabric and the various fabric panels with ruffles. However, some models are kept less flashy and are thus the perfect companions for flashy boho tops. For example, the white mini skirt in boho style is the perfect all-rounder for the summer.

Have you already fallen in love with a particular skirt from Boho-Style.info? Then have your selection conveniently sent to your home and try on your new styles in front of the mirror at your leisure.

Wearing romantic boho skirts in fall and winter

You want to continue wearing your favorite skirts in the cold season? No problem. With a pair of tights and lined boots, many boho skirts can be worn in the fall and winter months and look just as stylish as they do in the summer. The important thing is that you pay attention to the colors of the skirt and tights. A boho skirt in white is rather less suitable with black tights. It’s best to choose midi skirts with scattered floral patterns in muted shades of red and orange.

Who wants to style the maxi skirt in autumn, pays attention to the right footwear. Ankle boots with a heel are especially nice. They stretch your legs and still keep comfortably warm.

Accompany the boho skirt with long chunky knit jackets and floral boho tops. Complete your look with a cozy boho winter jacket and various accessories like a hat and a scarf. So you are perfectly equipped for the cold season

How to pull off the elegant boho skirt style

Of course, boho style skirts are not only suitable for everyday wear. With some boho jewelry and elegant shoes, your skirts from Boho-Style.info will be party-ready. You are invited to a beach party? Then combine your boho skirt in white with a playful crochet top and shimmering gold jewelry. Add a glamorous braided hairstyle and high heels. Ready is your beautiful party look in boho style.

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