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Playful boho necklaces

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Did you know that boho jewelry embodies that special something? Held in vintage style, boho necklaces in particular look beautifully romantic and therefore go perfectly with boho dresses, blouses and tunics. At Boho-Style.info you will find special boho necklaces that will add the finishing touch to your outfits both during the day and in the evening.

What are typical features of a boho necklace?

Boho necklaces are often in vintage style and invite you to dream – of old hippies, festival experiences and campfire evenings on the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza. Many pieces of jewelry are kept very filigree and can therefore also be worn in several rows. A special focus is on the pendants that make up many boho necklaces. Small leaves, flowers but also feathers and fringes are particularly popular. Characteristic of boho jewelry is the inspiration from nature. Thus, the typical boho necklace is kept in earth tones. Natural materials are preferred. Thus, wooden elements look particularly beautiful. But also small stones are a beautiful eye-catcher. Browse now through the assortment of Boho-Style.info and find your new favorite necklace.

Filigree boho necklaces embody pure romance

Trendsetters love them: delicate chains that gently nestle against the neck. In shimmering gold tones, they are particularly popular. But also silver fits super to the boho style. Style icons of boho chic like Sienna Miller prefer to combine several delicate boho chains in different designs. Especially popular is a long chain in boho style with several shorter chains to wear. The style stands for the feeling of freedom and fits of course ideally with daring beach waves

Particularly popular: the boho necklace with pendant

Make a statement and choose a boho style necklace from Boho-Style.info that has a beautiful pendant. Stars, moons, planets but also the well-known peace signs and crosses are the most popular pendants in boho necklaces. The meaningful symbols underline your boho look and, in addition, set a beautiful accent on your décolleté. By the way, the special pendants remind of the aspect of freedom and art, the origins of the boho trend

Gorgeous and colorful: fall in love with an Ibiza necklace

Filigree chains are less your taste? Then you will surely like Ibiza necklaces from Boho-Style.info. Instead of spill it is called here klotzen. It can be colorful and flashy. Large stones, long feathers and gorgeous colors make the typical Ibiza necklace a very special accessory. You can find beautiful models at Boho-Style.info. Let the Ibiza necklace work for itself and combine rather simple boho dresses or beach tunics from Boho-Style.info in addition.

The boho style anklet is perfect for the beach

By the way, very popular among hippies and lovers of boho style are delicate anklets. They embody the casual beach look and are a must-have for the beach. Whether with glamorous bikinis in boho style or with swinging boho dresses, the small chains on the foot are a sweet eye-catcher. Boho style anklets from Boho-Style.info are best styled with romantic beach fashion. If you want to wear sandals, make sure your feet are well-groomed.

The agony of choice: soft earth tones or rather bright colors?

Jewelry gives your outfits that special something. Especially boho necklaces set a beautiful accent on neck and décolleté. At Boho-Style.info you can browse through the range at your leisure and choose your favorite chains online. But often, as is well known, the choice is not so easy. Filigree chains in soft earth tones are a good choice for everyday life. For the next party it can be a little more. A magnificent Ibiza necklace is then the perfect choice. If you are looking for the perfect boho necklace for a wedding, it is best to choose filigree gold jewelry. This looks particularly elegant.

You just can not decide? Then simply choose several boho necklaces at Boho-Style.info and have them conveniently sent to your home. Now you can try out different stylings with your new necklaces in front of the mirror at your leisure.

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