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For a light attitude towards life: buy boho pants online

The boho style is not just for women who like to wear dresses, because there are many hippie pants that give the typical boho lifestyle. Boho pants are always airy and thus stand more than any other pants for the summer. Typical are the harem pants, also called “Aladdin pants” or bloomers. A wide step, colorful patterns, and pleasant fabrics distinguish them. Discover your boho pants for women now at Boho-style.info.

Boho fashion – more than a trend

Boho means “bohemian” and first referred to intellectuals, artists, and freedom-loving people in 18th century France. But it was during the hippie movement in the 1960s and 1970s that the boho style really took off. Since then, boho has been inevitably linked with love of life and independence. Fashion is strongly inspired by nature. Thus, only natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen are used and the patterns are mostly floral. Important in boho chic is not only the look but also the feel: pleasant and comfortable clothing should be. In addition to dresses, boho pants also play an important role, which is available in many different styles.

The fabrics of boho pants make them feel like a dream

Like the entire boho style, the hippie pants are also influenced by nature. Thus, the materials chosen play an important role. Linen is a very popular material, not only because it is comfortable to wear, but also because it is pleasantly cool in the summer. However, since linen is costly to maintain, hippie pants are often also made of cotton. Usually, the texture of the fabric can still be seen.

The typical features of boho pants

In addition to the fabrics, especially the patterns are typical for boho pants and, in addition to the airiness due to the cut, provide the playfulness typical of boho pants. Popular floral patterns are influenced by nature. In addition, boho pants are also often decorated with stripes. Mostly, the colors are kept in natural tones.

Harem pants, bloomers, or Aladdin pants

Harem pants originated in the oriental region and therefore also have the name aladdin pants, GOA pants or harem pants. Harem pants are characterized by a very low cut, while for bloomers this can also be normal. Both are defined by a wide-cut leg. Both types of pants are typical for boho pants because on the one hand they are comfortable and on the other hand they fit perfectly with other boho clothing. Discover now at Boho-style.info your favorite boho-style pants.

Hippie Pants Jeans – The epitome of the boho lifestyle

Another typical boho pant is a pair of hippie pants made of jeans. Usually, these are tight at the top and flared at the bottom. In addition, they are embroidered with colorful floral patterns or spoiled with fringes. Boho pants made of jeans can also have cracks and scuffs or even, quite feminine, decorated with lace.

But in addition, there are also boho pants made of jeans, which are cut in boyfriend style and thus symbolize the boho feel. If you love both pants and boho style, let yourself be surprised by the selection at Boho-style.info.

The perfect styling with boho pants for women

There is a variation of boho pants for every woman and every figure. Hippie pants, which are tight at the top and flared at the bottom, are especially suitable for tall and slim women. In so-called harem pants feel comfortable with every woman who likes it comfortable. If you wear harem pants, you should choose a tighter and shorter top to go with them, otherwise, you will sink too quickly into the clothes. For slightly fuller women, pants with vertical patterns are especially suitable. Small women are best to wear shoes with heels to stretch their legs. Espadrij sandals with wedge heels go perfectly with hippie pants for women. Get inspired by the different variants of boho pants from Boho-style.info and find your favorite piece

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