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Classy hippie dresses

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Boho dress in chic

You think boho dresses only belong on the beach? But the boho dress chic is the fashion trend for elegant celebrations par excellence. It combines classic boho dresses with elegance. Airy cuts ensure a high wearing comfort while feminine patterns and applications achieve the festive impression. Besides, the festive boho dresses conjure up a wonderful figure. Find the perfect boho dress in Chic at Boho-Style.info and be the star at any party.

What does boho style mean?

The term “Boho” comes from the French word “Bohémien” and referred to a group of artists and intellectuals in the 18th century. The boho style then became really famous in the 1960s and 1970s during the hippie era. Boho stands not only for the very individual fashion style of that time, but also for the attitude towards life: independence, creativity and love of life.

Typical are striking patterns, usually influenced by nature. In the 1990s, the fashion style, also known as Ibiza style, made a comeback. However, he was now much more discreet – so the boho chic dress is happy to be held in white or in subtle, natural shades, gaudy colors are, however, less common.

What makes boho dress chic

The 1990s and early 2000s shaped today’s boho dress chic. Celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss and influencers like Ibizabohogirl show that boho looks are also perfect for fancier occasions. “Chic”, by the way, is a loanword from French and means “chic”. This means that the hippie look is interpreted in a fashionable and elegant way.

Here it is not about being as colorful and flashy as possible, rather the boho dress chic combines elegance with elements from the boho style: wide cuts, natural tones and lace provide for your wow appearance. With the matching boho dress you are festively and elegantly dressed. At Boho-Style.info you can find classy hippie dresses for any festive celebrations, such as weddings.

Boho Chic: The Boho Dress is the It Piece

Boho dresses are a central garment of boho chic. They are loved for their loose and light cut. But they are not only comfortable, but – properly combined – can also look very chic. Hippie chic boho style dresses can be styled in many variations. Find your new favorite dress at Boho-Style.info and wear different accessories with it. So you have the perfect outfit for every occasion.

How to style a boho dress elegantly?

For a festive occasion you are quickly well dressed with a classy hippie dress in white. The cut is, very boho style, wide and the use of lace gives the boho dress a very special feminine and elegant touch. Alternatively, you can also fall back on a boho maxi dress in subtle natural tones. The patterns are best discreet. Then you can still wear eye-catching boho jewelry and sparkling hair accessories to it.

To make the boho dress look so really elegant, festive shoes are an absolute must-have. Whether with heel or without remains a matter of taste. Finally, there are also noble espadrilles in shimmering tones. When it comes to accessories, it’s best to choose gold, silver or rose gold. This way you keep the necessary elegance despite hippie elements like floral patterns. You can find everything for your complete boho dress chic at Boho-Style.info – just get inspired and be perfectly dressed for your appearance at the next party.

The boho dress in chic for a weddings

Boho as a theme is the trend for a wedding. In addition to a great naturalness, a boho wedding is very tasteful and elegant. The boho chic dress is particularly suitable for this – both as a bride and as a guest. Maxi dresses combined with a flower wreath look directly very romantic and playful. Dresses with a carmen neckline and lots of lace give the wearer a very special romantic expression.

For the bridesmaids or for a civil ceremony are particularly short boho dresses, which are very festive. The bride chooses thereby noble hippie dresses in white, the dresses for the bridesmaids are rather held in rosé or beige.

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