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Casual boho jackets

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The most beautiful boho jackets depending on the season at a glance

It warms us on cooler days and gives many outfits the finishing touch: the jacket. Beautiful hippie jackets for women you can find at Boho-Style.info. Whether denim jacket with ornaments or casual leather jacket with fringes, browse through our assortment and find the right “over” for your outfit. Which boho jackets are hot and what you can look for when buying, you will learn in the following.

Perfect for summer: the lightweight hippie cardigan

Even in summer, a cooler wind can blow sometimes, especially in the evening. Thick jackets are nevertheless out of place. If it should freeze you only in the neck area, you put the comfortably soft cardigan for example simply around the shoulders. The best choice is therefore a hippie cardigan made of light fabric. It can be folded small and thus fits into any boho bag.

It is best to choose light or dark brown tones, respectively, or a classic black. Then you can combine the cardigan to many boho outfits. To romantic boho dresses, a playful cardigan goes very well with it. Small buttons and delicate lace on the shoulders make a hippie cardigan look very delicate. Browse through the assortment of Boho-Style.info now and find your perfect hippie cardigan.

When it gets significantly cooler outside, a coarse knit cardigan keeps us comfortably warm and also looks really stylish. The coarse knit makes it a nice contrast to the rather delicate boho dresses. But it can also be combined very well with jeans and boho blouse. Pay attention to the right cut depending on your figure type. Most women look very good in a rather casually cut coarse knit cardigan that ends just above the waist.

We love the classic: boho jean jacket

The denim jacket has been an absolute must-have in the closet for many years. After all, it goes well with both romantic dresses and casual pants, and is also suitable for many seasons. Meanwhile, you are spoiled for choice between different shades and washes. A dark denim tone is the all-rounder for many outfits. Especially looks a white denim. Are you having a hard time deciding? Then let yourself be inspired by the boho influencers on Instagram.

By the way, it is very practical that the denim fabric is almost indestructible and looks even more stylish when the jacket has already got a few tears. May it be, for example, memories of exciting hippie festivals in Ibiza. Are you also looking for a casual hippie jeans jacket that can be worn for different occasions? At Boho-Style.info you will find the perfect companion for exciting summer evenings.

Boho winter jacket – cozy warm and stylish

In winter, hippie jeans jackets and cardigans made of knitwear become too cold for outside. Now something warmer must come. At Boho-Style.info you can find jackets in boho style that keep you warm and also look stylish thanks to fringe elements and co. A good choice for the cold season are outer materials made of leather, which are as insensitive and water-repellent as possible. For the cuddly factor, a warming inner lining, for example, made of genuine lambskin. If you combine it with boho dresses with long sleeves, thick tights and warm boots, you’ll look chic and won’t freeze.

What color do I choose for a hippie jacket?

Many beautiful boho jackets are in brown tones, because natural earth tones are an important element of boho style. Even more, the color brown can be easily combined with other tones such as mustard yellow or rust red. But black jackets are also ideal to combine with numerous boho styles. For example, black leather jackets with fringes in smooth or suede leather are the most beautiful.

You are still looking for the perfect jacket in boho style? Then browse now through the range of Boho-Style.info and find your new dream jackets. Depending on the season, it’s best to choose several models so you can vary between different outfits.

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