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Boho clothing – Beautifully romantic and playful

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Boho clothes are wonderfully romantic and can be styled for many different occasions. Whether feminine boho dresses with embroidered flowers or playful blouses and shorts, you can find the most beautiful hippie clothes at Boho-style.info. Let yourself be inspired by the boho styles of international influencers and create your new favourite outfits.

What does boho clothing stand for?

The bohemian style enjoys great popularity in both fashion and interior design. Many people think of the sunny island of Ibiza, colorful floral dresses and perhaps hippies traveling the world in colorful vans. But what does the term “boho” actually mean exactly? The term “Boho” is the abbreviation of “Bohemian” or also “Boheme” and stands for a special subculture of intellectual fringe groups. The hippie movement of the 60s also had a major influence. However, in contrast to typical hippie clothing, “boho chic” is described as somewhat more elegant and is set in relation to a certain ethnic flair.

The focus is on the expression of love of life and freedom. This attitude to life is of course also reflected in the fashion style. Typical of boho fashion is clothing with playful details, airy cuts and bright colors.

Where to wear hippie clothes?

In Ibiza, Bohomian-style clothing is of course more than hip. Colorful bikinis, feminine boho dresses but also casual jeans shorts and blouses can be seen here all year round. Already in the 60s and 70s Ibiza was considered a true paradise for hippies. Even today, the Balearic island attracts artists, nature lovers and spiritual people from all over the world. No wonder that you see so many people in boho clothes on Ibiza.

Of course there are many other places in the world that have left a lasting mark on bohemian style and have become a popular meeting place for numerous hippies from all over the world. The best thing is that boho clothes transport a little Ibiza feeling directly into your wardrobe or in other words: holiday to wear!

You’re still looking for ideas for your own boho style? Then let yourself be inspired by the many outfit ideas on Instagram and Pinterest and shop the most beautiful boho clothes for women at Boho-style.info.

The most beautiful boho clothes for every occasion

Boho or hippie clothing for women can be styled in many ways. Whether romantic hippie dress or playful blouse, decide according to your own taste and style.

For the day are suitable casual shorts and blouses, but also boho dresses in all variations of Boho-style.info. Espadrilles, sandals and small leather bags go very well with them. Make sure that your make-up is discreet and choose some boho jewellery. At Boho-style.info you can find some discreet pieces of jewellery for everyday wear, such as elegant bangles in boho style.

A little more glitz and glamour is allowed in the evening. Long boho dresses made of flowing fabrics hug your body and are so airy to wear that you can dance all night. For special occasions you can wear a little more make-up. But make sure you go natural here too, because boho style is very close to nature. You can set beautiful accents with a boho jewellery set in gold or silver or a tiara in your hair.

What shoes go with boho clothing?

They round off the outfit and set the perfect accent on the foot: shoes. If you don’t want to go to the beach and wear flip-flops, you can give boho dresses and co the finishing touch with the right pair of shoes. Casual espadrilles are perfect for everyday wear, but delicate leather sandals are also a good choice. But if you want, you can also choose shoes with heels and thus cleverly direct the focus on the legs. Especially short boho dresses conjure up beautiful, long legs. High shoes visually reinforce the effect even more.

In autumn and winter, casual boots are the ideal companion to boho clothing. Together with a pair of tights they not only keep you warm, but also make an exciting style break to romantic boho dresses with embroidery and lace.

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