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Boho maxi dresses

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Boho Maxi Dresses – the Fashion Trend with a Sense of Life

A boho maxi dress has great potential to become the absolute favorite piece in your wardrobe. Thanks to flowing fabrics like viscose and silk and beautiful designs, maxi dresses in hippie look are very popular. In summer, they are wonderfully airy to wear, while in autumn they harmonize perfectly with casual boots and always convey a certain holiday feeling. Choose your new bohemian dress in long at Boho-style.info and dream yourself to the beach of Ibiza while shopping online.

What actually is a boho maxi dress?

Long, longer, maxi dress: As the word suggests, maxi dresses are floor-length dresses. The cuts can be quite different, but long bohemian maxi dresses usually sit loose and flow around the body. As varied as the cuts are, so are the patterns. Earth tones and floral patterns inspired by nature are particularly popular. In addition, boho maxi dresses are often trimmed with embroidery and lace or enhanced with ruffles and flounces. Transparent elements make your hippie maxi dress a real eye-catcher.

Whether it’s a trendy maxi dress in Ibiza style or a classic boho dress in long, at Boho-style.info you’ll find the most beautiful dresses for every occasion. Shop conveniently online and try on your favorites at home.

Particularly popular: a white boho dress

Boho maxi dresses in white will probably never go out of fashion: They are the epitome of lightness and fit just perfectly for summer. Especially models with lace and lace pattern exude a touch of holiday and beach feeling. A white maxi dress with a boho look can easily be combined with espadrilles, a basket bag and a big straw hat. Ready is your beautiful summer look.

How can I combine boho maxi dresses?

The beautiful boho maxi dresses by Boho-style.info are incredibly versatile. Let yourself be inspired by the Boho Instagram stars from all over the world and create your personal favorite outfit. There are no limits to your styling imagination. However, there are a few rules you should follow to make sure your boho maxi dress looks its best.

Styling a Long Boho Dress for the Beach

Summer, sun, sunshine – the perfect moment for your new boho maxi dress. But how do I cut the perfect figure on the beach? Look for an airy cut and coordinate your bikini or swimsuit with the color of the dress. The straps are allowed to peek out. Add a big beach bag made of raffia and, of course, eye-catching accessories such as boho jewelry and sunglasses.

How to style the boho maxi dress at the office

Of course, it depends on the profession and the associated dress code. If you want to wear your maxi dress to the office, look for subtle floral prints and simple accessories. With a blazer and sandals you give your outfit the necessary elegance.

Boho maxi dresses – a real eye-catcher on special occasions

Hippie maxi dresses have long been THE item of clothing for romantic weddings in Ibiza. Of course, you can also wear your long dresses to many other special occasions such as a birthday party. It’s best to make sure that your boho maxi dress is made of high-quality materials such as silk and avoid too wild prints. Subtle tones such as cream or rosé and delicate floral patterns look wonderfully romantic. In addition, embroidery and lace are absolute eye-catchers. If you are still looking for the perfect boho style maxi dress, you will surely find it at Boho-style.info. Choose the matching boho jewelry and your outfit is ready for special moments.

Boho style maxi dress for the cold season

You want to keep the lightness of summer even in winter? Then choose a maxi dress in boho style with long sleeves from Boho-style.info. In winter, dresses in darker shades are suitable. Add a pair of cozy tights and cool boots – your winter look with a boho maxi dress is ready.

Tip: How to make your boho maxi dress look its best

No question: Boho maxi dresses are an eye-catcher, especially if they are colorfully patterned. However, the rule here is: less is more. Do without a gaudy make-up and too many accessories and rather go for a natural look. Discreet boho jewellery from Boho-style.info such as a gold bangle and a stylish bag are usually enough for your boho outfit. After all, your dress is supposed to be in the foreground, isn’t it?

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