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Boho jewelry – the accessory with symbolic power

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The relaxed hippie look has always enjoyed great popularity and offers you an incredible number of styling options. With matching jewelry you round off your look. Boho jewellery is even more than an accessory, it embodies an attitude towards life. If you wear bohemian jewelry, you reveal a lot about yourself – a love of lightness and freedom, of the sun and the beach, not to mention adventure. With typical Ibiza jewellery, you always look casual, but in the right combination it is also suitable for the office. Let yourself be inspired by Boho-style.info’s exquisite selection of boho jewellery and find your favourite piece.

What does “Boho” mean?

The term “Boho” is the abbreviation for the French word “Bohème”. This was first used to describe a subculture in the 18th century. This subculture included intellectuals, artists and freedom-loving people. Boho experienced a major boom during the 60s and 70s and has since been strongly associated with the hippie movement. Boho chic stood for independence and love of life. The fashion is often delicate and playful and works a lot with patterns influenced by nature. During the hippie era, the typical boho chic lived on large, colorful and wild accessories, but today a more subtle variant has prevailed.

What distinguishes boho jewellery?

Generally, Boho jewelry stands for freedom, joie de vivre and energy. The deep connection to nature is a special feature of jewelry in Boho style. Natural materials and patterns and ornaments inspired by nature enchant at first sight. Especially popular are filigree leaf motifs made of copper, which are silver-plated or gold-plated. Many of the symbols used in Boho Style have a specific message: feathers, for example, stand for the lightness of being, while leaves or flowers symbolise the beauty of nature. The different characters can also be combined with each other.

What material is boho jewelry made of?

Boho jewellery mostly consists of natural materials which are combined with metals or gold-plated stainless steel. While the typical hippie jewellery often consists of feathers, shells or pearls, high-quality Boho jewellery is suitable for everyday use and charms with a special lightness. Mostly the delicate natural patterns are made of stainless steel and later gold-plated. But you can also find high quality Boho jewelry made of silver. You can combine these delicate pieces of jewellery with ribbons made of cotton or leather.

How to combine boho jewellery

Fallen in love with one of Boho-style.info’s hippie dresses? Add some matching boho jewellery to complete your look. A bangle with embossing or even creoles with twist look beautiful with the swinging dress.

For romantic occasions like an Ibiza wedding, long creoles and high-quality hair accessories are suitable. Small eye-catchers also conjure up hair clips or hair clips.

In the office you want to make discreet statements? Then filigree boho jewelry in silver or gold is the perfect choice. Fine chains, playful (shell) earrings or delicate hoops with embossing are discreet enough and yet playful and light.

If you’re looking for Ibiza jewelry to match your beach outfit, you’re welcome to use lots of colour. Colorful ribbons made of cotton and beads, necklaces with feathers and beads – everything that is a bit wilder is allowed here. Boho jewelry can also be combined in a very classic way. Since pearls are an important element of Boho Chic, pearl earrings or pearl necklaces also harmonize very well with Boho jewelry.

Tip: Pick a boho jewelry set

Particularly popular in Boho Chic is the layering look. Here, different layers are combined with each other. So that these fit perfectly together, a boho jewelry set is best suited. Whether a necklace in the layering look or various matching bracelets, at Boho-style.info you will find stylish bracelets, creoles and boho rings that harmonize with each other.

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