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Boho dresses for every occasion

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Whether summer or fall, boho dresses are true all-rounders. Thanks to their airy cut, they conjure up a great figure and feel wonderfully light. Browse through the wide selection of hippie dresses at on our page and find your dream dress. Whether short or long, just slip in and feel good.

What does boho mean?

When you hear the term boho, you surely think of hippies in colorful floral dresses, geometric patterns and accessories with lots of fringe. Indeed, boho chic is characterized by bright colors and playful details. But bohemian style is much more than a trendy fashion style. The term “boho” actually stands for bohemian and describes a special subculture of intellectual fringe groups. Various fashion elements and influences from the hippie movement of the 60s unite in the so-called boho chic and express a feeling of lust for life and independence. The special attitude to life is still reflected in boho style today. A loose, playful look with numerous combination options invites you to feel good all year round.

Where can you get inspired by bohemian style?

For example, a very formative place for the hippie movement is Byron Bay in Australia. As the place of origin of the first hippies, you can still find a colorful mix of surfers, new agers and artists here today. Not to forget, of course, the so-called “White Island” Ibiza, which is still seen as an absolute El Dorado for hippies and lovers of the bohemian style. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, you’ll find it on Instagram. Influencers like Ibizabohogirl or celine_lavieboheme show the most beautiful hippie dresses and tell about their travels. And if you want to experience the famous hippie festival Coachella at least once online, just search for hashtags like #coachella with over 5 million posts.

Key piece of boho style: the hippie dress

Playful boho dresses made of flowing materials such as silk or viscose invite you to feel good. Whether midi or maxi length, the dresses play around female curves and provide a comfortable wearing feeling. Through their playful cut symbolize the hippie dresses romance and joie de vivre pure and let their wearer radiate. Already in the 70s boho dresses enjoyed great popularity. At that time, as well as today, they were worn, for example, casually with cowboy boots or a little more chic with sandals. Of course, the matching suede jacket could not be missing. Over the years, numerous other styling ideas have come, so that fashion lovers may let off steam properly styling-technically.

What boho dresses are there?

As diverse as the possible combinations are, the selection of bohemian dresses themselves is now equally diverse. Lovingly selected on past trips, our page offers you an exquisite selection of wonderful hippie dresses from casual to chic. There are not only different colors and patterns, but of course several lengths. But which hippie dress fits which occasion? The good thing is: boho dresses are easy to combine and can therefore be worn both casual and chic.

Ideal for summer: the short boho dress

A short boho dress, or bohemian dress, is the ideal choice for a day at the beach. Many of our boho dresses are made of 100% silk. The airy-light material allows your skin to breathe and makes you feel glorious when it’s hot outside. Show off your tanned legs and pair ballerinas or flat sandals with the dress. You want to go to the beach bar in the evening? Then just combine some jewelry and elegant sandals with the hippie dress. Moreover, you can emphasize your waist with a wide belt.

The boho midi dress conjures up a great figure

For those who do not like it quite so short, simply choose a bohemian dress in midi length. The fabric plays around the legs and conceals very gallantly also somewhat firmer thighs. If you combine wedges with wedge heel or high heels to it, stretch you your figure visually still something. In summer, boho dresses in midi length are the perfect choice for both daytime and evenings. Depending on the occasion, you can combine it with, for example, a playful basket bag and a summer hat. With some gold jewelry, the boho midi dress becomes evening-ready.

Boho maxi dresses – all-rounders for everyday and office

A long boho dress looks simply every figure and can be wonderfully multiple combinations.Whether for the beach or for the city, you are well dressed with just one piece of clothing. Even in the office make hippie maxi dresses a good figure. It is best to choose a model with long sleeves and combine elegant shoes such as mules with the dress. If you also in the cold season do not want to do without your favorite dresses, you simply wear tights and boots to the boho hippie dress.

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