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Beautiful Boho summer dresses

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Whether casual to the beach or romantic to the party, the boho summer dress is an absolute styling wonder and sweetens the warm season for us. The light and airy fabrics let your skin breathe and hug your figure. Find your dream dress for summer now at Boho-Style.info and experience your most beautiful summer moments in it.

How to find the perfect boho dress for summer?

When it’s warm outside, summer dresses with a hippie look are the best choice. The colorful prints will put you in a good mood and go especially well with lightly tanned skin. Summer dresses in boho style are also absolute figure flatterers because they play light and airy around feminine curves. Only the question remains, which summer dress in boho look will be your favorite?

Make sure the length is right

At Boho-Style.info you will find a wide selection of hippie summer dresses. Before you decide, pay attention to the length. Depending on your height, a different length will suit you better. For example, small women choose short summer dresses in Ibiza style, while tall women can try midi and maxi versions. If you have decided on the midi length, shoes with heels are an absolute must-have. They visually stretch your legs. This is important with the midi length.

Choose a color that flatters you

In addition to the right length, the shade is also important, of course. There are different types of color. Depending on what type you are, some shades flatter you more than others. For example, hippie summer dresses in shades of blue, red and green with a blue undertone suit the summer type. Yellow and bright green, on the other hand, are less flattering to you.

Are you an autumn type? Then a boho-style summer dress in an earthy tone like a warm brown would be a good choice. Rich shades of red will also flatter your type. Winter types are best off picking white hippie summer dresses and simply pairing them with summer accessories. If it should be a little more colorful, then best blue tones as well as juicy reds.
If you are a spring type, you can let off steam even more color-wise with hippie summer dresses. Warm yellows and rich greens look delightfully summery and suit your type perfectly. A hippie summer dress in orange or bright red is also a good choice.

Autumn and winter types choose best boho dresses in rather cool shades, such as petrol, blue or bottle green. If you are more of a spring or summer color type, boho dresses in warm colors such as red or mustard yellow will make you really shine

Do you already know which color type you are? Then browse through the wide selection of boho style summer dresses at Boho-Style.info now and find your new favorite dress for summer.

For what occasions can I wear hippie summer dresses?

The great thing is: hippie summer dresses are absolute all-rounders in summer. You can wear them almost around the clock. On the beach, in the restaurant, while shopping or even at a rooftop party. Just pay attention to the length and workmanship depending on the occasion. While it may be quietly a little shorter on the beach, a rather covered cut is important in the office.

The perfect companions to the summer dress in hippie look

Once you’ve found the perfect boho summer dress at Boho-Style.info, you can also choose the boho jewelry to match. Ibiza style summer dresses are often a feast for the eyes in themselves. That’s why the discreet bangles and necklaces from Boho-Style.info are the perfect choice.

In addition to beautiful accessories in the hippie look, the perfect shoes are still missing. In summer, espadrilles, leather sandals or lace-up fabric shoes will complete your boho style summer dress. For special occasions, you can also wear high heels or special ankle boots with the dress. Allowed is what pleases. Just make sure that the shoes visually stretch your legs if you choose the midi length.

If you do not spend your summer vacation in Ibiza this year, you do not have to be sad. In the store of Boho-Style.info you will also find everything the fashion heart desires. Pick out the most beautiful hippie summer dresses and have some summer feeling conveniently sent directly to your home.

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