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Beautiful boho style dresses

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Bright colors, romantic details, and flowing fabrics are typical for boho-style dresses. They represent summer, sun, and sunshine and give their wearer the feeling of a short vacation in Ibiza. Fortunately, you don’t have to fly far to buy a boho-style dress as well. Just pick a new favorite outfit in the online store of Boho-Style.info and secure a portion of sun and a good mood for your home.

Where did the boho style find its origin?

Many people associate the term “boho” with a trendy fashion style, which is expressed mainly in the field of clothing and interior design and describes values such as independence, creativity, and originality. The adjective “bohemian” describes an individual, artistic and unconventional person. Boho chic combines hippies and the bohemian. The first bohemian movement took place early in the 19th century after the end of the French Revolution. To this day, the boho style has continued to evolve, finding numerous highlights.

A true El Dorado for hippies on the sunny island of Ibiza. Especially during the 60s and 70s, over 100,000 hippies partied there. Even today, hippies, artists, and freedom lovers are drawn to the island. No wonder boho chic is also called Ibiza style.

The characteristics of the boho style

Colorful, swingy dresses, playful blouses, and loose bloomers – we love boho chic in the summer. After all, the fabrics and cuts are light and airy and the bright colors put you in a good mood. The great thing is that you can easily style the boho or Ibiza style with a dress or similar. But what is typical “Boho” and which key pieces do I need for the look?

Absolute must-have: stylish boho-style dresses

Whether it’s summer or fall, swingy dresses are at the heart of boho style. After all, the bohemian style expresses the feeling of freedom and lightness with dresses. Typical for the style is that the dresses are not cut close to the body but in A-line. Many dresses for the beach are kept short, but there are also midi and maxi lengths.

At Boho-Style.info you can find stylish boho dresses in all lengths and colors. Ideal for everyday life, but also for a special occasion. You can wear them summery with sandals and straw hat or cozy warm with ankle boots and cardigan. The beauty is that there are practically no limits to the combination of boho dresses. Let yourself be inspired by new outfit ideas on Instagram and combine your boho dresses from Boho-Style.info simply different again and again.

Bohemian style: wearing dresses elegantly

If you want to recreate a boho dress in the style of Ibiza’s trendsetters, the best way is to look at inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram. Channels like Ibizabohogirl show beautiful outfit ideas for any occasion. For a party, you can find gorgeous white boho dresses at Boho-Style.info, which can be styled very elegantly with gold jewelry.

Romantic blouses and wide-leg boho pants

It does not always have to be a boho dress in the style of the hippies. The Ibiza style can of course also be restyled with a pair of pants and top. Characteristic for the style are of course white boho blouses, which embody pure romance through their playful details such as batwing sleeves or embroidery. In addition, many trendsetters on Instagram wear wide boho pants or long, swinging skirts in white. The focus is usually on the waist. This creates a beautiful, feminine silhouette. You can also style the combination of pants and blouse over and over again. Store now at Boho-Style.info conveniently online the most beautiful boho jewelry and fall in love with your outfit over and over again.

Typical of Ibiza style: dress or kimono and bikini

On the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza, of course, the appropriate swimwear can not be missing. Boho bikinis and swimsuits are best in bright colors and perfectly complement a plain boho dress in white. Just let the bikini peek out and combine a nice straw hat and sandals to your beach outfit. The look becomes a bit more elegant with a kimono in boho look and high heels. How about a tiara for good measure? Perfect for a beach party!

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