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Beautiful Boho midi dresses

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Romantic dresses are the heart of the bohemian style. Just put it on and feel good is the motto! Especially boho dresses in midi length are wonderfully feminine and fit every occasion thanks to the length. Shop the most beautiful dresses from Boho-style.info and learn how to perfectly combine your new favorite pieces.

Boho dresses: mini, midi or maxi?

There is probably no piece of clothing that is easier to style than a dress. Whether with casual sneakers or elegant sandals, in a short time you are dressed for any occasion. But which dress suits you best? Boho-style.info offers you the right boho dress for every type. Depending on your height, a certain length looks best on you. Tall women are flattered by long boho dresses. You can wear both high and flat shoes depending on the occasion.

Boho dresses in midi length, on the other hand, are the perfect change from the long dress and the ideal companions for everyday life. Especially for the office, the boho midi dress is the perfect choice because it does not show too much skin. Make sure that you choose shoes with a heel, as these visually stretch your figure a little. This is especially important for the midi length.

Small women, on the other hand, look best in short boho dresses. They do not compress your figure and can visually cheat a few centimeters with the right shoes. How about beautiful leather overknee boots, for example?

Which color do I choose for the boho dress?

In addition to the perfect length, the color of the dress is also crucial. Depending on your skin type, some shades will flatter you more than others. Autumn and winter types choose best boho dresses in rather cool shades such as petrol, blue or bottle green. If you are more of a spring or summer type, boho dresses in warm colours like red or mustard yellow will make you really shine. Have you found your dream dress at Boho-style.info? Simply order it online and try it on at home.

Styling the Boho Midi Dress for Special Occasions

Maybe you’re invited to a romantic beach wedding soon or even planning your own boho style wedding. The classic for the bride is of course the long, white boho dress. With a romantic braided hairstyle and a tiara in your hair, you’re sure to catch everyone’s eye. Bridesmaids can also choose long boho dresses, but should then do without the color white. How about, for example, a delicate rose or cream tone?

Who wants a little change, try on beautiful boho dresses in midi length. Due to the slightly shorter length they look very modern, but still do not show too much skin. As a bride you could also opt for a boho dress in white and in midi length. Boho jewellery in silver or gold goes best with it. You can find beautiful bangles and more at Boho-style.info. Depending on where the wedding will take place, you can combine fine sandals with heels to the dress. A beautiful look is ready!

Perfect for the office: boho dresses in midi length

Boho midi dresses don’t only look fantastic on special occasions. Many models are also the ideal choice for a beautiful office look. Due to the midi length, the dress is not too short. After all, you don’t want to show too much skin in the office. It is important that you rather choose a discreet color and put the dress in the focus. For example, a boho dress in midi and white is the perfect choice. Combine it with an elegant blazer or a classic denim jacket and accentuate it with selected boho jewellery. Shoes suitable for the office are, for example, mules, ballerinas or sandals with a slight heel. For the cold season, boots are of course very suitable. Add a pair of tights and you have a beautiful office look with your boho midi dress.

Wearing Boho Midi Dresses in Fall and Winter

In summer, our favorite boho dresses accompany us virtually every day. But what about the cold season? Most of the dresses from Alma-Mode can be worn all year round. The length is less important. Boho midi dresses can also be worn ideally with tights. It’s more about choosing the right shoes. Ankle boots that reach the calf are not necessarily a good choice. Pointed-toe ankle boots visually stretch the leg and also look very modern. If the temperatures still allow it, mules and strappy sandals also look great with the boho midi dress.

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