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Beautiful boho maxi skirts

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Long, longer, maxi skirt. A long skirt in boho style is anything but stuffy. He inspires us with bright colors, floral prints and a feminine cut. In addition, the boho maxi skirt can be styled very versatile. Casual in everyday life or elegant to the party, the long hippie skirt does everything. Find your new boho style maxi skirt now at Boho-Style.info and rock any occasion with it.

Boho maxi skirt – a must-have for casual summer looks with sophistication

It wears airy-light and still looks super stylish. No wonder that the maxi skirt in the boho look has been one of the most popular garments in summer for years. Whether romantic with a floral pattern or colorful and flashy, hippie maxi skirts are available in many designs. So there really is the right skirt for every taste. Are you still looking for the perfect skirt? At Boho-Style.info you will find a wonderful selection of long hippie skirts. Find your favorite online and have the skirt conveniently delivered to your home. But before you browse through the assortment, you will get a few styling tips below.

Romantic or colorful patterned? Here’s how to find the perfect design

Dreamy with flowers or rather extravagant and colorful? Long skirts in boho style are incredibly versatile and can therefore be worn on many occasions. Long ago, the boho maxi skirt proven that it is more than just a hip beach skirt. Flower skirts in boho style, for example, are the perfect all-rounder for any season. Get inspired by the many, beautiful designs and find your new favorite skirt.

The classic for the beach: boho maxi skirt with batik pattern

A popular classic is of course the long cotton skirt with a batik pattern. The color gradients are not only beautiful to fall in love with. They suggest a pure summer feeling. If you’re looking for a skirt for a beach vacation, for example in Ibiza, this pattern is just the right choice. Just combine your favorite bikini with the skirt and you are perfectly equipped for a relaxing day on the water. Of course, the matching footwear should not be missing. Casual espadrilles, sunglasses, and a big boho bag underline the relaxed beach look.

Beautiful to fall in love with: hippie skirt in long with floral pattern

For romantic women, long hippie skirt with floral pattern is the best choice. Large, delicate flowers on light fabric look beautifully summery and, of course, go perfectly with delicately tanned skin. If you want to wear this boho maxi skirt to the beach, you don’t need much to look gorgeous. Many trendsetters simply combine a white bikini and over it a simple crochet top to the skirt. Ready is a dreamy beach look. By the way, a white bikini is generally a stylish all-rounder with all maxi skirts in boho style.

Even more playful looks the scattered flower print. These floral skirts are not only suitable for vacations, but also for everyday wear. With a cozy cardigan, leather boots and tights you can wear boho skirt in long even in autumn. Scattered flowers also look beautiful at this time of year.

Hip, hip maxi skirt – colorful ethnic prints are still cult

Who does not know them. Long skirts with colorful ethnic prints have been the cult symbol on the island of Ibiza for many years. Numerous hippies already wore these skirts to extended celebrations on the beach. Even today, the colorful boho maxi skirt has not lost its popularity. Of course, if you do not spend your summer vacation on the island, you can wear this skirt at home. The important thing is that you combine plain parts with it. So the skirt is in focus.

How to combine the boho skirt in long correctly

Long skirts in boho style not only enchant with a wonderfully airy feel in the summer, they also flatter the figure. However, they want to be combined properly. The easiest way is a summer style with crochet top and bikini. With this style you show a lot of skin and put the focus on your waist. If you prefer to emphasize your shoulders, combine a colorful tube top with a skirt. Add a boho cardigan in the evening and you have a beautiful summer look. If you want to wear a boho blouse with a maxi skirt, we recommend tucking the hem into the waistband of the skirt. Wear heeled shoes with it to visually stretch your figure.

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