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Airy lighweight boho blouses

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Must-have in your closet: boho blouses for women from Boho-Style.info

You think blouses are uncomfortable and stuffy? Then you haven’t worn a boho blouse yet. These blouses are loose and wide cut, just like boho chic. The boho blouse is the perfect basic piece for your closet, because you can combine them in many different ways. Whether summery to the beach or chic in the office, the blouse always makes a good figure. Different elements, such as lace, embroidery or fringes, make the Ibiza blouse an eye-catcher. Discover your new favorite blouse now at Boho-Style.info.

What does boho chic actually mean?

Boho chic is a trend that has long existed in various forms. Yet Boho is much more than a fashion trend, but also stands for a certain attitude to life.
Boho stands for “Bohème” and comes from the French. As early as the 18th century, the term first appeared for a group of artists, intellectuals and other freedom-loving people.

During the hippie movement in the 1960s and 1970, the style made its big comeback. Wide cuts and natural fabrics symbolized independence, individuality and creativity. Therefore, on the one hand, the clothes are characterized by natural colors and patterns, as well as colorful and eye-catching accessories.

Today, boho chic is much more discreet than in the hippie era, but loses nothing of its statement. The boho style blouse is a popular garment because it is variable to style.

Loose and light – the typical blouse in boho style

Boho blouses have a wide cut and thus offer great wearing comfort. The sleeves are also usually cut wider and can be short, ¾ length or long. The necklines are very diverse; whether V-neck or Carmen neckline. Fabrics such as linen or cotton are especially popular, as they are comfortable to wear even in high summer.

The boho blouses for women come in different colors and patterns. Especially popular is the white boho blouse, but also strong shades score. Quite typical for boho chic, however, are natural tones with floral patterns, such as flowers or leaves. In addition, elements such as feathers can also be found. The blouses get a particularly feminine look through embroidery or lace.

The boho blouse in white is a must-have

The white boho blouse is one of the most versatile pieces of boho style clothing. Loose and airy, it perfectly suits the summer. Combined with a pair of shorts, it becomes a beach outfit, with a casual pair of boho pants, boyfriend jeans or flare jeans you combine it in a short time to a modern city outfit. Skilled with elegant trousers, it can even become your companion in the office. Find your new boho blouse in white now at Boho-Style.info and fall in love with its styling versatility.

How to style boho blouses perfectly

As already mentioned, the boho blouse is a real all-rounder and can be styled in many different ways. Therefore, it must not be missing in your closet. Of course, the Ibiza blouse looks especially beautiful with other garments in boho style, such as boho pants. But it can also be worn with modern jeans or classic skirts.

If you are rather small, you choose best a blouse with V-neck, because this stretches the upper body visually a little. Add a long boho necklace and shoes with heels. A beautiful look is ready. Due to its airy cut, the blouse in hippie style is also ideal, of course, if you want to conceal a small belly.

The next party is coming up? The beautiful blouses in boho look from Boho-Style.info can of course not only be styled casually for everyday life, but also hip and exciting for special occasions. With a special model that, for example, is decorated with
striking fringes or tassels or is mainly made of lace, you will be the center of attention at any party. Of course, you can find the right Boho jewelry at Boho-Style.info. Browse through the selection of boho blouses at Boho-Style.info now and find your new favorite piece. The next birthday party can come!

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